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About zDomainName.com

zDomainName.com is an international online platform for the purchase of premium domain names, and is specialized in aftermarket premium domains.

zDomainName.com was established to provide a platform for great marketers and business owners to purchase the highest quality undeveloped Internet real estate brands.

zDomainName.com has a great track record having sold, developed & leased a multitude of premium domain names. We also develop premium domains into innovative startups.


Some of our upcoming projects that will launch in 2020 include:


CatchDrop.com, BoobsFunder.com, HuileCBD.com, ExpiringName.com, Uninterpreted.com, Settlement.ca, Paycheck.ca, Outdoor.ca among many other. 


All these domain names are owned & being developed by zDomainName and ElieNovation Holdings Corporation parent company to zDomainName.com.

If you are looking to lauch a new eBusiness, a new brand online or already have an existing brand that needs a boost, you landed at the right place and our inventory has a variety of premium domains for virtually any and all industries.


At zDomainName.com, you will find a straight forward, trustworthy marketplace for the purchase of premium domain name brands for your emerging business.

We look forward helping you take your business to the next level.

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